The passion for Photography was born in the late 70s, when the Formula One magazines displayed the most colorful and often dramatic images of that time. As a child, Mario was already spending hours looking at those photographs and wondering how such unforgettable moments were made and captured in perpetuity.
Mario began capturing photographs on film during the mid 80s, and aspiring to be a photographer with his first SLR camera in 1992, a Pentax P-30.   2003 was the year Mario made the switch to Digital photography, with the Canon line of Cameras and Lenses.

A Computer Engineer by trade, Mario has always practiced and continued to craft his photographic skills, becoming a working member of the National Press Photographers Association (NPPA) in 2007, winning several awards while working on assignment and as a freelancer journalist for several News and private outlets. He has as also taught photography courses and clinics.

Mario continues to work with Technology, and is always involved with graphic reporting stories.
(From 1992, by Mario - Above, the "Prensa" Newspaper, in Buenos Aires. To the Left, the classic Paseo Colon sidewalk style, also in Argentina's Capital).


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